Joshua Fan

Welcome! I am a third-year Computer Science PhD student at Cornell University, where I am advised by Prof. Carla Gomes in the Computational Sustainability group.

My research focuses on developing machine learning techniques for challenging problems in agriculture, such as crop yield forecasting and vegetation monitoring. I am interested in developing techniques that can generalize well even when data is scarce, coarse-grained, and contains spatio-temporal correlations. I am also intersted in incorporating prior scientific knowledge into machine learning models, as well as explainable AI. Finally, I am also interested in "AI for Social Good" more broadly, including applications in healthcare, alleviating poverty, and mitigating climate change.

Previously, I completed a BS and MS at the University of Washington. There, I worked with the Information Theory Lab (with Prof. Sreeram Kannan) on creating faster algorithms for cell type discovery and clustering on single cell RNA-seq data. Before that, I was a part of the Information and Communication Technology for Development lab (with Prof. Richard Anderson), where I worked on designing apps for medical data collection and diagnosis in low-resource clinics.

I have completed internships at Facebook (3 times), Docugami (an NLP/document engineering startup, 2 times), and BitTitan, where I had the chance to work on fascinating problems in machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and software engineering.

I created this website from scratch (see source code). Last updated February 2022.

Email: jyf6 (at)

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons